Happy Birthday Nemo!

Today marks 7 years since the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage premiered at Disneyland Park. Where has the time gone?? Nemo and I have a long history and I am glad to help write the newest chapter for the attraction. It’s currently under refurbishment and the Disney Parks Blog announced today that it returns on September 27. While you are waiting for it to come back, enjoy the following videos:

Behind the Scenes with the Imagineers:

Full attraction ride through:
There are so many ride-throughs posted on YouTube, but I wanted to link to the oldest, best quality to reflect before the show started to age. Trouble is as Daniel pointed out is that smartphone cameras just didn’t exist in high quality then. So the best I could come up with is one that’s in two parts from 2008:

Personally, I can’t wait to ride in the submarines again – I’ve missed them.