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Map Monday: Travel By Drones

Jan Hiersemenzel, a drone enthusiast from Zurich, has created a site called Travel By Drones that is making all the rounds (found on Skift, The Next Web, and Gizmodo). The site is a Google Map interface that plots YouTube videos taken by drones from around the world. It’s a pretty simple concept that lets you explore the world. No more just looking at photos from around the world, now there is video.

I’m glad the National Park Service has banned drones from the parks, but I have got to admit, this one of Arches is pretty spectacular:

Perhaps the NPS should hire some drone pilots to get some good B Roll of the parks we can all enjoy. One thing I noticed after an hour of wandering the planet watching drone videos is that they all seem to use the same style music. It get’s old after awhile, but with the sound muted on the video you can use your music library and create your own soundtracks. Despite little nagging things like that, this is a pretty cool site and there are lots of amazing videos.

Totally tempted to get my own DJI Phantom and a Go Pro Hero+ and start taking videos. Maybe they will let me film the Matterhorn? Being the Freeway nerd that I am, can I document all of the freeway signs in Southern California? Perhaps a freeway directional site so the directionally challenged can visually figure out how to get from point A to B? The possibilities are endless…