Map Monday: Real Time Maps

It’s 2014 and I’m really excited that we have reached a point where I can get real time data on maps. I remember when we used to be able to get 15 minute old satellite weather photos on Mosaic 20 years ago in grad school. Now, I can just pull it up and watch it happen. Kottke had a great post a few weeks ago, but being Map Monday, I decided to list them all here for your convenience.

My favorite is the Lighting Strike Map which comes with some awesome sound effects. As a bonus, you can look at other continents and be satisfied that North America has the most lightning and best data.

Another great map is the USA Wind Map which despite being great data feels more like something I can watch with some Enya playing in the background and be completely stress free. It also comes in a World version!

If you don’t like Lightning or Wind, you can try the Ocean Currents map from the World Wind Map guy, Cameron Beccario