New Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer

With Series 8 just around the corner next month, the BBC premiered a one minute trailer looking at the upcoming season. I am really looking forward to the Twelfth Doctor and from the trailer it looks like we are in for quite the epic ride. BTW – DUH! Spoilers!!

I think over the past few years, they have done a good job getting me excited about an upcoming series or special with these trailers. Some of my favorites of the last few years are below:

The 50th Anniversary Special
I was so excited for the 50th anniversary special, but after the first couple of teaser trailers I was not feeling it. This trailer, first shown at Comic Con, sealed the deal and put me into overdrive waiting for the episode.

Series 6
Featuring trailer music from Two Steps from Hell, this trailer had just the right amount of epic-ness to get me stoked for the season.

End of Time Part 2
Probably my all time favorite – after the finale of part one, this trailer was just stunning to behold and I probably watched it 100 times in the week between part 1 and 2.