Movie Reviews

Iron Man Three (2013)

Only a month after watching Iron Man 2, I decided to not let my Netflix envelope sit on my TV stand too long and with Daniel working a night shift, I popped the Blu-Ray in and watched Iron Man Three. I have actually enjoyed going into these Marvel films blind – not reading up on what the movie will be about in Entertainment Weekly or online and oblivious to any spoilers that are around.

This Iron Man is my favorite one so far. Whereas the first two struggled to keep my attention, this one kept me focused that I didn’t feel the need to check my Twitter at all! (Such a 2010’s problem..) I liked the overall tone of this movie – not too gimmicky and Robert Downey Jr was once again great as Tony Stark. Everyone of the returning characters were better than they were in Iron Man 2 (Pepper, Happy, and Rhodey) and I loved the fact that Guy Pearce was in the movie as well. Like Mickey Rourke in the last movie, it wasn’t until halfway through the movie I realized – Oh, it’s him!

I’ll have to find a Marvel geek to explain the Mandolin to me. Either that or I will have to do some research about the character to see if the movie represents him faithfully to the comics. Sorry, I’m not an avid comics reader so I can’t tell you if it’s accurate or not. I can tell you as a complete noob, that I really enjoyed the movie, and the whole Iron Man exhibit at Innoventions finally makes sense.

Next up: Thor and Thor 2. By then I hope Captain America 2 will be on Netflix so I will be caught up. Just one year to Avengers 2 and by then I’ll actually get the in-jokes!