Big Travel Plans

I’ve been debating over the last month whether or not to follow our friends Eric and Arthur on their adventure to Japan in October. While in the middle of procrastinating that trip, the opportunity to visit an Atlantic Island has cropped up for the week between Christmas and New Years. Now the question is do I try and do both this year? That’s overly ambitious and the first time I will try two international trips in the same calendar year since I went to Japan twice in 2004.

I’m 70% sure that I am going to try and go to Japan. Looking at my frequent flier miles, it seems we can get a lot for our mileage. Looks like a lot of people are going that same weekend, so we might have to arrive before Eric and Arthur get to Japan and then leave before they are done. The plus is that airfare will be cheap and we know a decent hotel we stayed at before which is also inexpensive.

I’m 90% sure I am going to try and do the trip to Madiera Island with Nathan and his friends. A week on an island away from it all sounds real good over the holidays. The catch is airfare to Europe is crazy expensive. The good thing is that accommodation will be super-cheap!

Add that to a new iPhone coming out in Sept/Oct I’m thinking it’s Top Ramen time to save some money!

Since I am off, I’m hoping to narrow everything down in the next week or so. So Stay Tuned!!