Anaheim Packing District

The City of Anaheim has really done a good job of re-developing parts of its Downtown area. When they were first starting I remember looking to purchase a condo in the area but it was still a bit sketchy. Today Daniel and I rode our bikes to Downtown to participate in a Bike Trail public feedback session where we got to give our 2 cents as to where they should extend bike trails.

On the way back we stopped in the Packing District which consists of the Packard Building, Farmer’s Park, and the Packing House. It is a really lovely area and we decided to lock up the bikes and enjoy lunch inside the Packing House. They had a great selection of food offerings – think fancy hipster food court. I chose Fish and Chips and Daniel picked a grilled cheese (we are not exactly food connoisseurs) but both were very good. We also had Hans Ice Cream and all in all it was a pleasant experience.

We will be back and who knows, perhaps we will enjoy some cocktails and try some weird food!