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One of the better outcomes of the Sydney siege is the trending topic of #iwillridewithyou. A terrible dangerous situation just a few blocks from where I stayed back in 2006 was riveting from my seat here in the US. I discovered along with many others the tweets about #iwillridewithyou which started with Rachel Jacobs saw a young Muslim girl who removed her religious clothing for fear of being attacked as the hostage situation took place. She basically summed up and others quickly picked up this sentiment: you should not be afraid to ride public transportation or anything based on your religion and if you need someone, I will ride with you to make you feel safer.

Fear and Hate are powerful emotions that are around all too frequently and it really made me realize that all is not awful in the world if there are still people willing to risk their own safety to help others – even if its just joining someone on the subway or bus.

This sentiment can and should be echoed not just for religion, but ANY reason you are afraid to be yourself. Race, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, anything really. I long to live in a world where more and more people are willing to stand up with people who are afraid and make the world a better place.

I am ready to be one of those people who stand up – are you?