Old vs New Price is Right

I was home sick today and one of the things I like to do is to watch The Price is Right. I tuned into today’s episode and as much as I love Drew Carey and the show, it always feels a bit off. Maybe its the HDTV, maybe its the faster pace of the show (its almost 3 minutes shorter than a classic show) or maybe its just my nostalgia for being sick from school in the early 1980s, but I love the classic shows so much more. I discovered a Christmas Eve 1981 episode of the show with Bob Barker and Johnny Olsen available on YouTube which happened to have 2 of the same pricing games as the show from today. That is one of the things I love is the timeless pricing games. There was just something about Bob’s sassiness and the classic Barker’s Beauties that took me right back into the game. Not only that, but I think my pricing skills are firmly planted in the early 80s as I was way closer on prices for this game than the one from today.

Watch for yourself the classic 1981 goodness:

Or watch today’s show (limited time offering)