Oscar Thoughts

A big fat meh.

That is how I have been feeling about the Academy Awards recently and this year was no exception. Like last year I really wasn’t interested in the show, save for the nominees for Best Animated Feature and Short. I’m glad that both the films I was rooting for won (Big Hero 6 and Feast) and other than that I wasn’t really looking for anything.

We did manage to watch some of the show live over at Daniel’s grandparents house. His grandma had some great quips and I’m thinking that we should watch the show at their house every year. Watching live was tortuous during the commercials and I miss fast forwarding through some of the filler performances and categories. I did like Patricia Arquette’s speech where she called for equal pay for women – you go! Anytime anyone talks about something they are passionate about, I am always reminded of Richard Gere’s infamous Tibet speech and the spoof of it in the Naked Gun 33 1/3. I’ve said it before, anytime I watch the ceremony now, I always think of that movie.

I thought NPH was a good host, not really on his mark as I felt some of his gags fell flat and his timing was off. I missed the opening number which I hear was great. I think he was better than some of the recent missfire hosts, but Ellen was better and I still miss the days of Billy Crystal. Actually, I think Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel would make a great host of the Oscars and I hope they get the shot some time soon.