2015 Toyota Sienna Review

I just wanted to post a quick review of the 2015 Toyota Sienna. But Josh you say, I didn’t know you drove a minivan?? You of course, would be correct. However, in the waning days of my life before I moved overseas, I had to say goodbye to my daily driver as I prepared to leave. Up against the wall, I needed to get a van that could help me move the last days worth of items out of my apartment. I found a low-cost rental car place and the minivan that they had turned out to be the Toyota Sienna.

Having driven a Toyota regularly for the last three years, the Sienna felt right at home. It’s easy to use controls were great comfort to someone who was completely exhausted and stressed out in the final days. Based on procrastination and general lack of action, I ended up with way more than I thought still in my apartment, including my bike and a few other large items. The Sienna swallowed them all up. Even Daniel’s TV fit in the cavernous cargo area with no issue. I wish I had rented the van days earlier as it would have been a big help. Gas mileage was great as well. I averaged over 30 MPG and only had to top off the tank prior to parking for the last time.

Now in terms of a daily driver, the Siena I am sure would be very comfortable with great seating positions. The back seats easily folded down giving me access to the full space. I am sure all of the soccer dads and moms will be able to convert the van with ease.

Can I recommend it for you? For sure if you need something last minute to bail you out of the jam – exactly what I needed. Those of you who are looking for a minivan should certainly consider it!