Earthquakes and Natural Disasters

Nature Running Amok!

It’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day today and to celebrate let’s talk about all of the incidents of animals taking over cities now that most of the humans on the planet are in some sort of reduced activity or stay at home order. I’ve seen some reports of sheep taking over a McDonald’s in Wales and a jellyfish in the Venice canals. Even more animal reports in this BBC article and this New York Times article. However, let’s really talk about interesting sightings. An Irish man reportedly saw the Loch Ness Monster on April 12 which brings up an interesting thought. Are creatures like Nessie and Sasquatch getting out more because of the limited human movement these days? Seems like Nessie is more likely to be out more than the Sasquatch. I do wonder if animals like elk and deer are feeling safer coming to now deserted cities, I wonder if Sasquatch will follow them.

At any rate, I would certainly keep an eye on the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization to see if more sightings get recorded as the pandemic rages. If Sasquatches are indeed closely related to humans, here’s hoping they are not affected by Covid-19..