Home Life

Month 6

Time keeps going. Sometimes it seems a week can last a whole month and other times I am like has it already been a month since the last time I wrote an update? Time does not really have meaning anymore.

Home life continues its routine of laundry, YouTube, and chatting with relatives and friends. Thankfully, people are generating plenty of content and I am discovering some shows so there is never a lack of things to watch. Sometimes we do get cabin fever and go out for drives. This month has also been highlighted by the large number of fires burning across the state including the Bobcat fire near Mt Wilson Observatory which made our air quality miserable for a few weeks.

A couple of weeks ago, Daniel did a scavenger photo hunt for charity and we drove the coast from Dana Point up to Huntington Beach. The weather was perfect and we got some sun which really boosted our spirits but at the same time wiped us out. After that, we did a drive of various famous “home locations” for the Gorn Page. I really wanted to do something fun for the page since the likelihood of any big travel for this year is non-existent. All this exertion made me realize my lack of physical activity is catching up to me. We were doing walks at least once a week, but that has become more infrequent as the weather has been hot and lets be honest, laziness.

Flash forward to this past week – an especially brutal one as lots of friends and acquaintances lost their jobs. Personally, I was physically ill waiting word on what was happening – just a horrible, horrible week. We were also teased with opening guidelines for the parks but alas they were withheld at the last minute due to some disagreements. It does feel like we might finally turn a corner soon and hopefully understand when we will go back to work. This week begins my 24th week out of work and as mentioned in my Month 5 update, I now have been out of work for the longest time in my entire work career. In my pessimism when I last was in the office, I set my temporary greeting on my work voice mail to expire September 30. I’ve blown that out of the water last week!

I won’t even get into the national nightmare of the daily news cycle. That also gives me an ulcer and a headache. All I will say is that I hope you are registered to vote and that you do vote in the national election on November 3.

I still need to work on writing up some media consumption blogs. Hopefully this week!