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Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction 2020

Some astrophotography of the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn taken this evening.

The two planets are visible from around 515pm to 7pm over the next couple of nights with tomorrow being their closest position in over 400 years (I read somewhere that 400 years ago it wasn’t visible and the last time it was visible at night was 800 years ago..).

Jupiter and its moons are the lower, brighter object and Saturn is on the top right.

Two images taken with my iPhone 11 attached to my binoculars and the closeup third image with my Canon SX710HS point and shoot. I love the airplane photobomb in the second photo. I have also added a photo from a real astrophotographer as well as a photo taken the next night when the conjunction was at its closest..

Jupiter and Saturn about to set behind the rooftop.
Jupiter and Saturn through binoculars with my iPhone. notice photobomb from a passenger jet
From my Canon point and shoot, you can see the Jovian system with Saturn (top right) – Saturn. Jupiter’s four Galilean satellites visible are a very faint Callisto and Ganymede on the top left, with Io and Europa to the right..
Probably one of the best photos of the Conjunction from Twitter user @chrfrde Christian Froschlin taken with a Celestron 8″ telescope in the Netherlands. Amazing to think this isn’t a composite image….
Update: Here is another photo from the Canon taken on the day of closest approach, 12-21-20 – I have been told that the Jupiter’s four Galilean satellites visible in this shot are Callisto, Io, and Ganymede from top to bottom.. Europa was behind Jupiter.