Club Josh

We Will Be Back Soon!

The dust has finally settled here at Club Josh. We’ve had another year of backend issues with our server host, but a month (or more) ago, I finally was able to fix the name server configuration. It wasn’t a big issue, but it did in fact break a huge portion of the site. Everything seems back up and running normally.

It’s been so long, that I really need to go around and figure out what I neglected to post over the last year and start archiving it and putting it back here. Now that it seems like most social media apps are crashing and burning, I think I will pivot back to here to share most of the stuff.

Work has been busy, but with the holidays coming up, I am hoping to get some time to write some reviews, post some TikTok videos, muse about the overall lack of travel, and figure out the direction of the site as I enter the next decade.

I’m targeting January 1 for regular updates again, but hopefully you’ll see some old content get posted before then.

No promises as always….