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The only way to ring in the new year

One of my favorite things to do is to watch the Poseidon Adventure on New Years Eve. Although my synching was just slightly off, we were close enough to celebrate the dawn of 2020 alongside Reverend Scott, the Rogos and the Rosens and the rest of the gang.

Happy New Year 2020!

Mid(ish) Year Catch Up

Josh at the Great Wall of China in 2016. I think this is the new “Catching Up” Header

After half a year (and change) of not really updating the site, I finally uploaded the few Instagram photos I have posted. While social media posting is way down, my consumption is still pretty high. Not much going on lately – although I did manage to sneak in quick weekend trips to Washington DC and Kansas City. As well as a few weekend trips, I have at least posting on the Gorn Page. Along with the bazillion other photos I have taken that I think have some artistic value (and no Gorn), I need to get those posted.

Coming up next week will be my first week long trip in forever. Daniel and I are getting our National Park road trip fix – the first trip since 2013. This time we will be in Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho so hoping to at least get some great photos and upload.

Still planning foreign trips. Heartbroken we didn’t get tickets to the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo. Oh well there is always LA 2028! My travel bucket list needs some serious updating!

Sunset at Mt Wilson

Fortunate to experience a stargazing party at Mt Wilson Observatory, above Pasadena, CA. If you are ever in the Los Angeles area just look for the mountain with all of the radio towers.

Angkor Wat #tbt

Josh in front of one of the many amazing features in the Angkor Wat area in Cambodia.

Hard to believe its been three years since I visited Cambodia. Really need to put together a gallery of some of the amazing photos I took during the trip! I am very happy I had a personal guide who was willing to take a ton of photos of me and the Gorn while we were there.

Above the Clouds

Driving along the Rim of the World Drive between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, stopped to appreciate the sunny skies above the low clouds and fog that dominated the coast and inland valleys.

These are the Voyages…

Josh and the Gorn with the filming model of the USS Enterprise from the Original 1966 Star Trek series

I admit I totally forgot the Enterprise was in the National Air and Space Museum until I arrived and was looking for fun things to see. Glad I found the Enterprise with the Gorn!

More photos of the Gorn in Washington DC on the Gorn Page.