Last night was a late one

Our group headed out dancing in WeHo. It was a good night all around. People were in a good mood, and we kept running into people from the “Christmas in the Ghetto” party a few weeks back. Did I not mention that party? It was at Cory and Peter’s and featured many ghetto decorations. For example: an artificial tree with rolled up plastic grocery store bags and strategically placed Budweiser cans. Another fine Martha Stewart-on-crack decoration was the string of Coke, Diet Coke, and Mountain Dew cans around the place. It was a great party with lots of good memories and so seeing the same people at the club last night really made the evening. If you were there, I was the dork in the orange t-shirt – not the smelly guy yelling “Yeeeeaaaahhhhhh” every few minutes.

This weekend for the new millennium celebration, it’s off to Santa Barbara – or as some geographers like to call it: “The Riviera of California”. I certainly hope they are referring to the French version and not the General Motors version. We plan to call the sordid affair “Chaos’ New Year’s Rockin’ Eve” (How’s that for apostrophe heaven?). I’ll give a full recap upon my return next year.

I guess I better go around the site and change the copyrights! Have a great New Year’s everyone. If the last few months are any indication, it should be a great year. Chaos does pass on this tidbit. Seems that the last several years, whatever she happened to do or the people she happened to be hanging out with seem to have a large impact on the rest of the year. Keep this in mind if it’s 12 midnight and someone is giving you the eye.