Chaos’ New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Alex, Billy, Roger, and I joined Joe and Susie up in Santa Barbara for New Year’s festivities. We started at a Mexican restaurant on State Street (which is the central club/shopping/anything-fun-to-do street in Santa Babs). After everyone was good and full, we proceeded to check out what the various bars on the street had to offer. Most of them were charging $20 for overpriced drinks and noisemakers. Chaos and Joe informed us that most of the time, the same places charge at most 3 bucks, and that is if you can’t strike a deal with the bouncer. We finally found a place that had no cover charge. We figured that even if it was dead, we could still get $20 bucks worth of drinks per person and still be ahead. Luckily there were people inside and the bartender was making potent drinks (85% vodka 15% 7Up).

After a couple drinks and some scandalous behavior by the locals (someone not in our group was getting some action by the jukebox), we headed down to the beach for a spifforific(tm) fireworks demo. A quick hello to the homeless guy singing in the stall at the beach restrooms. The fireworks lasted a full 10 minutes with no pauses and a great finale. After that, it was back to the bar (thanks to bouncer Kevin who let us back in without paying – by this time our bar was charging as well). By 1:30 we were ready to go and headed back to the hotel to crash. It was a fun New Year’s but upon pondering the last 10 years worth of New Year’s, I am left with a gap. Lookee see below:

1990-1995 Disneyland
1995-6 ???
1996/7 Disneyland
1997/8 Club Universe
1998/9 Dad’s House
1999/2000 The crazy disco Hollywood sign affair
2000/1 Santa Barbara

So I am trying to figure out where I was Dec 31, 1995. It’s easy to say I was at Disneyland, but I am not certain. So all of you out there if you know where I was on that date, let me know. It’s been bugging me for days now.