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It’s Valentine’s Day. Yee-haw!

For your amusement, I present links courtesy of and Chaos:

Shopkeepers in India’s largest state closed their shutters after a right-wing Hindu organization threatened to attack shops selling Valentine’s Day cards and gifts. A true A-V Day story

Valentine’s Day Slams – a collection of put downs that rhyme

Now go out and get somebody you love something nice. Our lovely property owners gave everyone at the office chocolate hearts as if to say “Thanks for throwing wads of cash at us – here is some wholesale bulk chocolate” or something.

Last night I learned that electronics make a nice “pop” when lightning is about to strike. Usually the popping is followed by loud booms and rattling of buildings and windows. It was a pleasant night of stream, err street crossing and hail as LA got rainy and all around pounded by a nice winter storm. See we do have weather here.