Back from A-V Day

Three-day weekends are so nice – even if you have to drive 1000 miles roundtrip. Of course, thanks to Susie, I didn’t have to drive the whole way. I reserved a minivan from Enterprise, but it was in the shop. They did offer me a free upgrade, which answered the life-long question: What do they give you when you get upgraded from a minivan? A Ford Econoline E350 XLT

Anti-Valentine’s Day was another successful party. The party has definitely taken a more intimate turn in recent years. Once we used to get over 20 people and now it hovers between 10 and 15. There is some discussion about the future of the party, but we’ll worry about that next year. I will have the photos up later today or tomorrow. I am working on an orange re-do of the Party Pics Section of the Charo photos.

Some of the highlights of the trip: The car careening down the hill into the Baker’s Square parking lot, the shocking fact that they sell piñatas of cartoon characters that look like little children (and the fact we bought one), the arms of death coming down in the 5th and Mission garage telling me that the van was too big and that we had to park in the “special” area, the lady peeling out across the grass at the gas station (I think she was upset the pump was charging 1.74 for regular unleaded instead of the 1.69 that was posted on the sign), the pungent smell of Gonzales, CA, the Explorer that hit a tree near our house, and the bottom of the shower curtain.