Why companies go bankrupt

The office downstairs is having an auction today to dissolve all of its assets. Yesterday, I walked through and realized why this company went bankrupt. Every workstation had its own laser printer (most were HP LaserJet 4MP). At first I suspected that there was no central network, but upon further snooping, it appears they did have a network. Among other excesses: Expensive artwork, one suite with a full bed and bathroom, and custom built kitchen with refrigerators covered in the same material as the cabinets.

The person in charge of traffic flow on city streets needs to be shot. They made an adjustment in the lights on Ventura Blvd. that has resulted in an extra 5 minutes to get to work. It really isn’t that much time, but the fact I have to wait for more lights than I used to bugs me to no end.

One of the mayoral candidates for LA has promised to put light rail down the 405 and to stop construction during rush hours. He gets my vote, but it means it will take 10 years to add any significant new construction projects to the area.