Gorn + A*Teens

Courtesy of Roger’s excellent photography, I submit for your approval:

The Gorn with Dhani, Marie, and Sara of the A*Teens
Amit didn’t squeeze in, but gets his own photo

They did a good job despite some glitches in the playback system. All four of them were really nice. Also kudos to the lady in front of us in line for shooing away about 20 people who tried to cut in front of us. She yelled for security after almost getting into fisticuffs with some guy. My mom would be proud.

The guy with the blond hair in the stage shot next to Amit is the same guy who helped Dhani off the stage when he sprained his ankle at Disneyland last May. He must be their manager or assistant or something. I now have three celebrity Gorn shots: Charo, Ricardo Montalban, and now the A*Teens. I think I am now going to create a celebrity Gorn page and see if I can get some more celebs since I live in LA.