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Star Trek Rant

Thanks to Kevin’s editorial prowess, I have gone through all of the Daily Update archives and have fixed some of the grammatical and spelling problems that seem to permeate them.

I was thinking of attending a local Star Trek convention to gather some cool Gorn pics with celebrities, but I have discovered a lot has changed with the conventions since the last time I attended one (oh maybe 7 years or so ago). In the olden days, the cast would just go to a table and all the people would wait in line to get the autographs. Under this system, pictures of the celebrities would be easy to come by. For example, I have a spiffy picture of me with George “Sulu” Takei from a Sacramento convention long ago. These days, you have to get “preferred seating” or some other crap even to get a chance to get someone’s autograph. Maybe this is the real reason that Star Trek fans are dissatisfied. Sure the stories on recent Trek shows are not that spiffy, but the inability for the random fan to have the chance to meet and chat with the characters without paying $50 a pop has removed one of the key things that made Star Trek great. In the olden days it cost no more than 10 or 15 bucks and you could chat up a storm with all of the attendees. Now they want $50 on top of the $30 to get in to the hall. So it looks like I will not be going and just see if I can pester Garrett Wang the next time I see him at Micelli’s.