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The last couple of days have really been a roller coaster ride. Tuesday night I was up until 2am approving pages at work. Yesterday we all sat around QA’ing and waiting. The result? At 5am this morning, two years of hard work finally paid off.

It is all somewhat anti-climatic. The waiting, the frantic coding and recoding, and the general lack of a social life all take their toll while building up a sense of expectation. Then it all happens and despite a few bumps here and there, it works well. You are left with a sense of what’s next. Fear not, I am taking tomorrow off to unwind and return to a somewhat normal life.

In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of labor of a bunch of really great people.

Completely unrelated, but really amusing: KFWB a local all-news radio station I listen to during the commute has added hourly power updates. What is this world coming to? “At the top of the hour here is the latest power update – No Power Alerts issued as yet – stay tuned”.