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Black Angus desserts are good

I’m back from my nice three-day weekend. This weekend also marked the fifth consecutive weekend at the Disneyland Resort. I really have no idea why we have been there so often, but I think it is more “nothing better to do” than “Disney-obsessive who needs a life”.

Sunday Roger and I went to Ontario Mills. Those of you unfamiliar with the Mills concept – take a bunch of outlet stores and mix in some brand name non-outlet stores (but look like outlets). Expand to a huge size and fill with thousands of people. Then line the outside with fancy restaurants. The best part was that dinner was good at Black Angus. We decided to drive home via Historic Route 66 and avoid the freeway jam. It was a fun drive, but only really good when you have lots of free time.

I played around with Photoshop this weekend and created some t-shirt graphics. I set up the store at Cafe Press and ordered a sample shirt to see how it looks. I might need to tweak the graphics a bit to get a better shirt.

Club Josh Apparel Store – buyer’s beware! Wait until I get my shirt next week. But hey, if you want one really bad, go ahead and order one.