Yo-Somebody Pics

Back from one of the greatest natural wonders in the world. The last time I was in Yosemite was in 1989 or so with my friend Kris. We drove out one day and went for a quick hike up to Vernal and Nevada falls. Upon returning, one thing I noticed was how smaller things looked. Maybe it is one of those perspective things, and the fact that prior to the visit with Kris, I was 12 the last time I was there might have something to do with it.

Roger and I did have a great time. We stayed at the 4-diamond Tenaya Lodge just outside of the south entrance. I recommend it as a place to stay – reasonably priced and good food (Roger enjoyed the Crab cakes, salad, and Creme Brule). If the sight of kids running around makes you queasy you might want to try somewhere else. Due to the Easter holiday, most of the people were families with lots and lots of kids. Quote of the day from Roger: “The plumbing is definitely NOT 4-diamond.”

Enjoy the Gorn pics from Yosemite – I posted a couple non-Gorn but still scenic pics as well.