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Crack Whore Painters

I am convinced that the person who decided on the new colors for my apartment building is on crack. We used to have a nice simple building where all the doors were sorta foam green and the exterior walls were a nice yellowish-cream colored. Over the last month or so they have been painting a new scheme: Interior doors to apartments are still foam green, fire doors are still white, but their frame is now dark green; exterior doors are dark green, patio planters that used to match the building are now also dark green; exterior of the building remains yellow-creme; and the best of all – the gate goes from foam green to purple (to match the awning out front).

Tonight’s entertainment is Disney’s The Lion King at the Pantages Theater. Should be a good show – I’ve heard lots of good things about it. Is is better than Mamma Mia? (see March 28) I’ll let ya know.