Wish List is Here

Here is the link as promised to my Amazon Wish List. I looked it over and it does need some updating. You can still find some of the DVDs and books that I want to get.

There are not too many things that are worse than being sick on your birthday. Roger is currently suffering and today is his day. To celebrate, a group of people are getting together this weekend and heading to Disneyland, the same day that I start working there.

Yesterday and today, as Roger has stayed home sick from work, the phone has been ringing off the hook as various people keep calling me for one reason or another. Usually when it is just me here during the day, I’m lucky if the phone rings once – and then it is usually Roger calling to get his messages.

To help prevent myself from getting sick as well, I have been spraying Lysol(tm) around the house and choking down some of the worst tasting Echinacea – ever. Hopefully, these ounces of prevention will help me not show up sick for work.