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Happy Birthday TPIR and Mandel

It’s Mandel’s Birthday, and since he is a game show fan, I sat down to watch the 30th anniversary special of the Price is Right. I was a bit disappointed with the show to be honest. I expected the tuxedos and a few more clips from the past. Even the prizes really were not that much higher than what is on the daytime show these days. But perhaps that is the greatest tribute to an original show – not changing it too much. Another question I had – did they have a huge truck that brought the doors, the wheel and the rest of the set from CBS to the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas?

Crazy has been the norm at DL these days. Rides going up and down faster than a 6 year old at the controls of a Dumbo. Personally, I am looking forward to the return of Mr. Toad and Peter Pan. As much as I get ulcers from running the rides, I think after the Christmas holiday I got the rhythm down and they provided a nice break from the Route 1 rides that can be a bit soul draining.

A nice surprise last night. I attended “Fantasyland – The Musical”, a tribute to some of the rides by our managers and leads. Despite the failure of the CD audio and the delays, the show actually was hilarious. To top it off, I was recognized by the managers and leads as a “Classic All-Star”. It felt good to be recognized, and I am sure that given my luck, the very next ride I run will most certainly break down.