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Don’t Stop Movin’

Nathan’s CD – The Nathannual 2001 arrived from Paris this weekend, and it has been playing non-stop in my car ever since. My favorite tracks are Don’t Stop Movin’ by S Club 7 and the Price is Right Techno Mix. Kudos for Nathan and his friend Dustin for putting out a great CD.

Finally went out to see Lord of the Rings. I am not into the whole Tolkien thing, but I thought it was a great movie. Great all across the board. My biggest complaint is of course that I have to wait until next Christmas to see the next installment. I guess I can always go out and rent the classic animated versions of the books. Any movie that can make 3 hours whiz on by without dragging is worth the price of admission. Until The Two Towers comes out, I can at least look forward to Attack of the Clones.

Ohh the Pet Shop Boys have a new (at least new-to-me) web site! Check it out at

As I type this, there was a M4.2 earthquake followed by a couple of M3.9 aftershocks in Simi Valley – woo hoo!