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Mild Warmth with Charo

Things are heating up in the job front. They have gone from stone cold to mild warmth. I have received several calls from recruiters in the last few days, and have even heard back on the job I applied for way back in January. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hope that the next few weeks will be fruitful.

Other than that, things are still rolling along. After a surprisingly busy week last week at the resort, things have quieted down to their off season levels again. It is so much easier to run the attractions when there are less than a billion people in line.

Looks like there is a chance for me to see Charo in her new show in Las Vegas next month. If all goes well, look for some pictures towards the end of the month from the new show. In other site news, I finally decided on a style for the Club House index page and it should be going up soon.