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Academy Awards Predictions

It is the end of March which means it is Oscar time! Every year for the past six or so, I have put out my own predictions for who will take home the gold, and I usually end up with a pretty good track record. Last year, I did the top nine, and I will add the Animation categories this year since they added Best Animated Feature.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Sir Ian McKellan should have enough power in his hat to take home the trophy. As many sites have reported, some Academy members might also be rewarding him for his performance in “Gods and Monsters” a few years back.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Jennifer Connely should benefit from the Mirren/Smith split, which is unfortunate because I would have voted for Mirren.

Animated Feature Film: I really want Monsters, Inc. to win. I thought it was a far superior film to Shrek in every way. However, I think that DreamWorks has been doing a great campaign for Shrek, and along with the anti-Disney sentiment around Hollywood, look for the big green guy to get the award.

Short Film (Animated): For the Birds should win as a way to reward the hard working folks at Pixar. This was the short in front of Monsters, Inc. that was just as good.

Foreign Language Film: The PR machine is in high gear, add to that the fact it is a great film puts Amelie over the top.

Adapted Screenplay: Anyone who can make Lord of the Rings make sense to me deserves an Oscar, and I hated Ghost World (not that it matters, but I thought I’d throw that out there).

Original Screenplay: As much as I loved Amelie, it is a visual feast rather than a written feast. I think Memento deserves it, but the Academy voters might feel pity and give it to Gosford Park (though I though this movie was booooring as well).

Actress in a Leading Role: It is between Halle, Nicole, and Sissy. Award voters might award Kidman for her performance in the Others, but when push comes to shove and I have to go on record, I’ll give it to Sissy Spacek. (If Halle Berry wins, will she become the first best actress to appear in a Bond flick??)

Actor in a Leading Role: It is between Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington. Again, I think Denzel will win, not necessarily because his performance in Training Day was that good, but because the Academy might want to reward his career. However, Crowe could win because of the massive PR campaign I hear on the radio for his performance. So I give Washington the narrow nod.

Director: I’ll take the safe bet and give it to Ron Howard. He won the DGA award which makes him the front runner. Peter Jackson did a fantabulous job with Lord of the Rings, and if the early categories start leaning heavily in LOTR’s favor, then he might just nab it.

Best Picture: I think Lord of the Rings really was the best movie of the year in a myriad of ways. It was accessible to a great many people and was a vastly superior production. However if the Academy gets all highbrow than look for Richie’s A Beautiful Mind to gather the gold.
Well there you have it. Happy Oscar watching. Check back on Monday to see how I did.