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Academy Awards Recap

Well I guess I did OK on my Oscar predictions. I managed to get 6 out of 11 right. A bit worse than last year, but then again, if you look at my wishy-washy pics I pretty much mentioned a few more winners. The Academy did indeed go highbrow, but even that could not save this year’s ceremonies. I thought the Kodak Theater looked marvelous, but the show was not nearly as good as last year’s show. I think there was just one too many tributes to certain aspects of filmmaking.

I love Syndey Potier, and I am glad he got an honorary Oscar, but I thought that he was never going to get off the stage. At least he was a bit more bearable than Robert Redford, who also deserved the honorary Oscar. By the time he got up on the stage, I was praying that he would just say, “Thanks a bunch” and get going. It was hard to believe that this show was even longer than the one a few year’s back where they dragged out all the award winners for the previous 70 years. At least we were at a BBQ at Jeff and Brian’s house so it made it more palatable.

A lot has been written about the fact that Denzel and Halle finally broke down the door for African-American actors. Personally, I think it will take more than one win. Let’s hope that not only African-Americans, but Asian, Hispanic, and every other race/creed/national origin/sexual orientation out there win on a regular basis.

And, um, what happened to J-Lo’s hair?

Roger and Alex were able to walk the red carpet on Saturday night when they went to the shopping complex at Hollywood and Highland. Next year, I’ll be sure to go down there with the Gorn and get some good shots. Also, I want to put in the application to be a bleacher watcher.

The Spring Break crush has begun at Disneyland. If you are planning to go in the next two weeks, bring lots of patience. If you are thinking about it – forget it and come a few weeks later. It will be a bit less crowded and all of the rides will still be open (save Splash and the Carrousel).