No Race For Me

I am very sad. CBS finally posted a link to the application form for the next version of my favorite TV show – The Amazing Race. However, in reading the fine print, there is a section that says anyone employed by any of the Walt Disney Company or its subsidiaries or affiliates are not eligible.

Apparently, Touchstone Television is part of the production of the show. Since I think Disneyland is considered part of the Walt Disney Company, I am not eligible to be on the show. Not only that, but neither is any of my family. Nuts. I guess I have to live vicariously through the contestants.

In watching my backlog of Survivor: Marquesas episodes, I stand firm on my opinion that is no where near as good as the Amazing Race.

Another show I was considering to try out for is E!’s Wild On. Apparently they are looking for a host for the show, but once again, I think I am ineligible. That seems like a fun gig to get, and I think everyone who is eligible should try out.