The Great Indoors

It has not been a very exciting week. I have been picking up some freelance assignments this week, and it is nice to see things heating up in this area. In bad news, this lady that we were going to take over her apartment decided not to move, so we are back to square one in finding a new apartment.

I managed to check out the new store called The Great Indoors in Burbank. They have massive amounts of things from the home from bidets to glassware to DVD players to carpets. The layout of the store seems a bit cluttered, but I think with a bit more familiarity and a bit of work by them it will be a great store. Their web site could use some work as well.

This week also will probably be the week I get a new car. Still not sure which Honda it will be, but I am pretty sure it will be a Honda. I’m hoping I can get a deal on a CRV, but I will probably end up in a Civic.