I was thisclose to having a new vehicle yesterday, but alas the gods at the Honda dealership were not kind. It is looking more and more like I will end up in a Civic instead of the CRV that I want. I almost had a good deal, but they kept trying to up sell me into the EX which had a bunch of extra dealer equipment on it. No thank you. I am still hoping that I can find a dealer with a normal LX. Another sticking point is the trade in, the dealer did not want to give me what I deserved for it, and that pretty much killed the deal. Thankfully, there are dozens of Honda dealers around the area.

I still am toying with the idea of a Jetta or maybe even a Prius (especially since the Civic Hybrid is practically impossible to get). I will probably end up waiting another month, since my next payment is due, and no need to waste that money.

I finally had two consecutive days off at work and it felt nice. Next week, I am scheduled the same, so hopefully I have earned enough seniority to start getting those days off every week. Now, if I can only get them to give me another attraction.