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Charo on the Move

It seems that I saw Charo just in time at the Venetian. Her show closed on April 16. I just happened to find out what happened by doing my usual Google search for Charo. One of the Las Vegas Ticket sites list her as performing at the Sahara Hotel and Casino. One quick phone call to a rather sleepy operator at the Sahara confirmed the news. I called the Venetian to double check and get the closing date of Charo’s show and the lady told me that it was only a rumor that she was moving to the Sahara, and that the Sahara hadn’t confirmed anything. Stay tuned!

Today, I am off to Spring Internet World at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I have been to the show the last two years, and it boggles the mind thinking of all the changes that have happened to the Internet in general, and in my own life. Needless to say, I will be heading down there with a fist full of resumes. I only have a few hours to schmooze before it is off to Disneyland.
I made a trip over to the DL casting center to pick up some forms to apply for some full time jobs at Disney. Apparently, there is a rule which states you have to be gainfully employed with Disney for a year before you can transfer between divisions (a la Disneyland to Walt Disney Studios, etc.). If you transfer within divisions, the rules are a bit different and set by the division. Hopefully, Disneyland’s rules are a bit more lax.