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Moving the Super Match

Well the apartment on the street of yesteryear was directly out of yesteryear. Needless to say, we won’t be moving there anytime soon. No AC, smallish rooms, and no garage as promised pretty much shot down this apartment. One of the other oddities – no cable in the front room – only in one of the bedrooms. I think if there had been an AC, we might have overlooked some of the other items. The building was built in 1948 to house Warner Brothers employees, so it had cool history, but when the rental guy says the power in the building isn’t able to handle something like even a window AC, you tend to get worried about your computers and TV.

Mandel’s big party was a success. I even managed to eek out a win during the Hollywood Squares segment of the party. Me and my fellow contestant tied at one game a piece, and then he missed the tie breaker sending me into the bonus round. Since this was a Match Game/North Hollywood Squares party, the bonus round was a Super Match. I managed to do OK, ending up with enough cash to get something from the small box. I was happy as all get out. Someone later in the party managed to score something from a bigger box, and a great time was had by all.

It did make me wish that I had more time to hang out at people’s parties. I’ve missed my fair share of events in the last month or so due to the busy schedule at the park. Hopefully, as my seniority improves, I will get some more weekend nights off. Or at least, I’ll move into something else that will give me the weekends off again.