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Everyday Elegance at Baja Fresh

Well he is no David Lynch, but yesterday at Baja Fresh, Roger and I stood in line in front of Thomas Ian Nicholas. It is one of the few instances where I recognized a celebrity before Roger did. I remember him from Rookie of the Year back in 1993 and I know he was in the American Pie movies, and a quick perusal through the IMDb revealed he’s still busy working with one movie coming out next month and another two in production. He was with someone (I assume a friend) who proceeded to ask for chips over the Baja Fresh PA system. I thought it was funny, but the manager looked a tad bit annoyed.

Tomorrow is the big day, and I can tell you I’m excited and still nervous. I am sure everything will be fine, I just hope I don’t end up hurting myself or anyone else for that matter. If I am lucky, I might even get a peek at the top rooms.

This weekend, we are playing host to Chris from Boston. We had just viewed an episode of “Everyday Elegance” hosted by Colin Cowie that was entitled “House Guests” and featured many ways to make your guests feel at home (you can catch Colin on the Women’s Entertainment Network and sneak peaks at the network on AMC). Colin ironed the sheets, gave them a spare lap top to check their e-mail, set out gifts, candles, and most importantly an itinerary of things that were planned. I think Roger is going to try and out-do Colin, though I don’t think he has a sea-themed dinner aboard a yacht planned.