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Shaq Attack

I was surprised that on one of the busiest days of the year at the park, people like Shaq and Kobe would decide to come to the park. Can I just say that Shaq is by far, the largest person I have ever seen? I can’t imagine that it was fun for them. When Shaq was on the Matterhorn, he was mobbed as he came on the ride, and mobbed as he left. It was amusing that I got to check his seatbelt. For the record, Shaq and the kid in front of him both had their seatbelts on correctly so there is no excuse when you get on the ride. My only interaction with him was telling him to have a great time to which he responded “Thanks” in his usual soft-spoken voice.

Other than that, the rest of the weekend was pretty low key at the park. I did manage to break Peter Pan for the first time at the console. It really wasn’t my fault – we had some wheelchairs that got stuck in the exit so no one could get off the ride. It was nice to be back in my original area after spending the week at the Matterhorn. This week it is back to the Matterhorn all week, but thankfully scheduling has mixed up my locations next week to keep me on my toes.