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After years and years of waiting, I was finally able to snag Ok, maybe not years and years, but since December 1, 1999, I have waited for it to expire. I guess the person neglected to renew it in December and I just now noticed it or it just became available. Either way, I am happy. Back in the 1990’s I wanted the domain name to host a more expansive Doingworld site. Dave suggested that I get crackin’ on it since I have experience working at a major theme park. Now that I have the domain name, I just might do that. Right after I get the new Daily Update launched.

Tonight I hopefully will finally get to see Lilo and Stitch. I have been wanting to see it since it came out but with work schedules the way they are, time has been premium.

An email surprise today – an actual response from a resume submission! Keep your fingers crossed!