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mmmmm Electronics

As visit Josh week continues, Joe, Jody and Noah made their way up to visit the sites of LA and Beverly Hills. I had the chance to drive their new 2002 Honda Odyssey, which still is the best minivan on the market today. Joe has installed a DVD entertainment system into the van which triggered some serious consumer lust. There is nothing worse than having consumer lust and no budget for it. Wendy and Mice didn’t help by sending pictures of the birthday celebration at Disneyland from their muy-boffo camera.

Other things I have been lusting for lately include a new digital camera, and for that matter, a digital camcorder, and a nice fire wire connection and some editing software for the computer so I can remaster all the old movies. Oh and I better just get the DVD-R so I can master the movies onto DVD so I can watch them in the car. Or something like that. I have some serious comparison shopping to do before I get or even think about getting anything. I am happy with my Olympus digital camera, but I haven’t seen a 4+ Megapixel camera from them that I like.

Fall TV Season is nearing. How can I tell? CBS has introduced the new Survivor group. I hope they are fun and not dull like the Africa group. Next up: I am sure they will be updating the Amazing Race site soon as well.