Dog Days

The month keeps zipping along. It truly is the dog days of summer. Even though the weather seems to be more like June here than August, the attitude of August is in full force. It is that “School is around the corner, but my brain is still on vacation” feel – even though I am not in school.

I finally managed to get my defunct car alarm fixed at the Honda Dealer. I have had the CR-V for three months and the alarm only worked for the first one. I also picked up the dashboard cover that Dianne had picked up when she got Sarah’s. I need to give it time to unroll before it will fit exactly in the window, but I think it will help the car in the long run. Another surprise? My old Xterra is still sitting on the car lot at the dealership. Man, are they taking a bath on it. 3 months is a looong time for a car to sit on a lot.