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Beat the Heat

Spent a nice Labor Day relaxing on the beach in Santa Monica. It was the first time I had actually gone to the beach to relax since I had moved down to L.A. over three years ago. I’ve been on the beach, just not taking-my-shoes-off-and-going-into-the-water on the beach. When I was a wee tyke, one of my fondest memories was hanging out at the beach with my grandma and my cousin and a couple of alternating relatives. Granny always made tuna sandwiches which managed to get a grain of sand here and there in them to make it perfect.

It was a nice contrast to Sunday which was spent trying to coax the Matterhorn into another two days of service. You see, the Matterhorn knows when it is time for a rehab and usually decides it wants to go on rehab a few days early. The result? Breaking down six times for a total of almost 4 hours of the day. I did have fun though and will actually miss the ride until it comes back (currently scheduled for sometime in December, we’ll see).

Yesterday was my first day back on the routes in a long time. It also coincided with the start of off-season at the park. It is so nice when the rides have 5 minute lines all day. If it only was about 15 degrees cooler it would have been perfect.

Speaking of heat – it was 115 or so I think in North Hollywood on Sunday, and slightly cooler 102 on Monday. Disneyland was not much cooler. But now they are talking 50% chance of rain by Thursday. Wacky Weather!
As a result of the warm weather a fire has broken out up in Azusa Canyon. Normally fires to me are not that interesting, but this one is near a cabin that used to be owned by my great-grandparents back in the 60’s and early 70’s. We visited the cabin back when Mom was out here a year or so ago and took some pictures of it. Unfortunately, the pictures were lost when Mom’s computer died and was reformatted. So we are hoping the cabin survives the fire so we can get some more pictures, otherwise a family treasure will be gone forever.

Ahh yes and lets not forget the nice M4.6 that struck Yorba Linda yesterday morning – just a nice jolt here in the valley for those of you keeping track.