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Jarre Live in Denmark

It’s the first Jarre webcast since the failed one New Year’s eve 2000/2001. This is the Aero concert from a windmill park in Denmark. The concert feed is working slightly better than the Vizitors concert, but still not as good as the one at the Pyramids in Egypt titled “The Twelve Dreams of the Sun”. I can hear the live audio stream and I can watch the one camera angle, but I can not see the live feed for TV2. Oh well something is better than nothing. Right now, they are playing a new version of one of my all time favorites, “Chronologie 6”.

As with the Twelve Dreams concert, I hope someone comes up with some MP3s or a capture of the video from TV so that I can enjoy it on CD.

UPDATE: That’s more like it. Around Oxygene 2, they finally started the broadcast of the real concert footage. The Windows Media feed is slower and lagging behind the far superior Real Media feed which hasn’t skipped or timed out yet. The audio only feed is still better quality, but I’m sticking with the Real Media for the overall experience (and it’s in stereo too).