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1996 Again??

Since we’ve decided to go to Europe again, I have been feeling Deja Vu. I have a very strong feeling that I have lived 2002 before. In fact, I think 2002 is really 1996 coming back to haunt me.
1996: Bought a new 1996 Honda Accord LX
2002: Leased a new 2002 Honda CR-V LX
1996: Traveled to London and Disneyland Paris
2002: Traveled to London and Disneyland Paris
1996: Cuchi-Cuchi Hawaiian Style, my 24th birthday party On Saturday October 19, featured pictures of Charo all over the apartment.
2002: Night of 100 Stars, my 30th birthday party on Saturday October 19, features pictures of celebrities, including Charo, all over the apartment.
1996: Celebrated first anniversary of new job at UCD.
2002: Celebrated first anniversary of new job at Disneyland.

I’m sure there are more similarities out there, but these are the ones that stick out in my head.

In travel news, I thought we had the Le Meridien reservations taken care of, but there is still some negotiating that needs to be resolved before everything is finalized. Fortunately, Nathan is helping out with the backup plan in Paris. Now we just need to get his end taken care of before he heads off to India at the end of the week.