600 Photos can’t be that bad

I have returned from vacation to 120 emails in my inbox and over 600 photos on the laptop, awaiting processing and sorting for the web site. I also have a ton of noted to pour over to complete my trip diary. I have the first two chapters completely written, but after the third day, it became harder and harder to sit down and write. I blame it on the jet lag.

A good one-third of all the pictures are devoted to Disneyland Paris. Let’s just say I went a little nuts with the digital camera and took over 200 pictures. My friend Nathan just shook his head in disbelief when I told him. I am going to go through the photos I have on my Disneyland Paris Page and see what is duplicated (some on purpose) and what is new.

Roger and I managed to have a good time in Paris despite a few setbacks. On the flight over from London, Roger’s suitcase developed a large rip to match the one in mine that happened on the trip from LA to London. Another difficulty, adjusting to French Hotel staff indifference after spending a week with the bend-over-backwards friendliness of the British. Even Disneyland Paris had a few sore spots as our welcome was quickly worn out when the clock struck 20:00h. That place closes up quick! More details in the Diaries I’m sure.

I’ve just arrived back home, so its time for my tired body to try and stay awake for a bit longer and then get some sleep – after all I’m no Dave Attell.