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Ok enough with the Jet Lag

The cruel lords of Disneyland scheduling decided to welcome me back to the US by having me work Saturday and Sunday for full 8 hour shifts. Since I’ve been back, I’ve developed a bit of a head cold which has started to abate thankfully. It made me a bit loopy the last few days at the park, and guests were lucky to be treated to my Bea Arthur impersonation (always rearing its head when I’m sick) over the P.A. at Dumbo and the Tea Cups.

In my sickened haze, I managed to traipse out and see the new Harry Potter film (and given the box office returns this weekend, I was not alone). Roger was reading the book on the plane to London and on the way home and managed only to make it to page 150 or so. When he fell asleep on the way back, I started to read the book and managed to finish it in the taxi back to the Le Meridien to pick up the car. For the last movie, I didn’t bother to read the book and liked the movie. I liked the Chamber of Secrets, but spent most of the movie uttering to myself, “Hey what happened to the Garden Trolls?” and “What happened to Mr. Weasley kickin Malfoy’s butt?” and so on for the next two and a half hours. At least I knew what to expect with the spiders. But if you like the Harry Potter, go check it out.

This time of year is busy for me at the movies. On the docket are Die Another Day (I almost was on TV2 in France to discuss this movie, but alas no French-no interview- more in the diaries when they become available), Treasure Planet, Star Trek Nemesis, and Lord of the Rings – Two Towers (by the way the South Park episode last week was brilliant). Ok, four movies does not a busy man make, but hey, I haven’t been to the movies since I saw Barbershop a few months back.

In trip news, I am a bit frustrated with the Gallery program, there seems no easy way to add navigation back to the main section of the site. However, as I work on it, here is a tantalizing preview of the pictures from the trip:
Gorn pictures from Europe 2002

Some of the pictures came out much darker than I had thought. I looked them over on the laptop and they seemed OK, but looking at them on the main PC at home, some really reflect how cloudy it was at times. next time, I force the flash all the time. Either that or get myself a new digital camera.