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Pain in the Back

Friday night Daniel came up and hung out with Cory, Brandon, Roger and I at the house for a bit playing L-C-R. After a few drinks to warm up, we headed out to the Abbey for some Martinis. While Roger was searching for his wallet, he cut his hand. He didn’t find the wallet and when we went up to the door they were checking IDs of everyone. Roger decided to head back to the house to fetch his wallet while we all went inside for some Martinis.

About 20 minutes later Roger calls to let me know that I have the house key. We then decided that the fates were not going to give us a night out, so we waited for Roger to come back and we all piled into the car and headed back to the house to watch Monsters, Inc. Poor Daniel had to be at work at 5:30 in the morning, and didn’t get much sleep. The worst part was when he showed up at work to find out his training had been cancelled.

Saturday morning I wake up with a twinge in my back. I write it off to having slept at a weird angle due being exhausted from being up almost 22 hours. Throughout the day, it progressively gets to a point that by the end of the day any type of sudden movement causes sharp pains up and down my body. I think I strained a muscle between my right shoulder blade and my spine. It feels like someone has stabbed me there. So if you have a voodoo doll and are doing something to me, please remove the needle from my back!

Sunday was no better, and to top it off, guests at the park were in peak “Disneyland is for me and the heck with everyone else” mood. This consists of people coming in through the back gates of Dumbo and insulting the cast members when they get caught. And let’s not for get drunken guy with headphones who had to be captured by security. All that with a severe back pain and the beginnings of a mild sore throat did not a happy Josh make.

It’s Monday now, the back still hurts, though the pain is a bit lesser, moving in certain directions still makes me gasp. Roger tried a warm cloth on it last night and it seemed to work a bit. I’ll take some Excedrin today and hopefully it will last. I was going to take Doan’s Back pills until I read the caption on the box: “While Doan’s is effective against pain, there is no proof that it eases back pain any better than any other pain reliever”.