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From the Back to the Throat

So my back is feeling much better. Not a twinge at all when I move. Maybe granny was right when she said I had a cold in my muscles. My throat has taken a thrashing and I once again sound like Bea Arthur. So perhaps the cold has moved up into my throat.

It might have something to do with the wild and crazy week that included my first ever ride on the LA Subway system. Now, having recently rode the Tube in London and the Metro in Paris, I was interested in seeing how our famed subway held up. Turns out, pretty darn well. Our stations (or at least the two that I went to) were clean, well-lit and best of all ran on the honor system. Of course the honor system sent shudders down my spine as I recalled the infamous Europe 1998 Munich fiasco, so needless to say I made sure I got the right ticket.

The trains themselves were unremarkable. It looks like Metro Rail went the low-bidder way – no frills on this subway. Also, the anemic maps on the wall further underscored how long L.A. has to go before it has a bonafide system. Maybe in a 100 years we will be just as advanced.

Coming out of the Hollywood and Highland station, Daniel and I were passed on the escalator by a young lady, who once passing us, proceeded to fall on the escalators. Daniel asked her if she was O.K. and she replied, “Yeah, I do this all the time at work”. She then proceeded to tell us that she was a stripper and showed off her scars. Daniel and I looked at each other as she left and wondered how many times she fell off the pole.

It’s been a surreal week and the holidays are just around the corner. I need to get my act together, otherwise I will never get everything done in time. Not only is Christmas less than two weeks away, Sarah is getting married on the 27th!!

Ahh yes, for those of you planning on riding the Matterhorn when it comes back in January, better postpone those plans. February is looking more and more like the return date.